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Jason Fischer-Kouhi aka Jason Fischer aka JFish aka Studio JFISH aka...

Oh wow, you're still reading! Thanks for visiting my website! I've been active in illustration, cartooning, design, publication, and other avenues relating to art and comic books since 2006, when I exhibited for the first time at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco. Since then I've worn many hats and travelled far and wide for my cartooning.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I decided to move to Portland, Oregon in 2008 after only recently immersing myself online in the comics community. There, I met a plethora of cartoonists, many I would collaborate with over the years to come. In 2009 I joined the Pony Club Gallery in Old Town Chinatown, where we curated monthly art shows featuring artists from around the world.

Perhaps you're wondering, "What is a BURGERMANCER?" More likely you're asking yourself, "How did I get here?", or, "Why does this guy have so many names?", or, "When's he gonna get to the point?"

Hello! My name is Jason Fischer (he/him). Since 2006 I've gone by the nickname JFish. The handle for my self-publishing outfit and social media was Studio JFISH. Since 2020, this identity felt like it'd reached its natural end. Even earlier, I'd begun to incorporate my Iranian family name into my artist name, thus:

Jason Fischer-Kouhi. Seeking a new handle to contain my multi-faceted artistry under one meaty umbrella, I turned to my previously published love letter to burgers, the burger lover's zine, Burgermancer. Being an artist who makes many burgers come to life, this name felt absolutely, deliciously right!

Hence, it's me: Jason Fischer-Kouhi, the Burgermancer!

As the years passed, after publishing several comics and attending many conventions, I began working with Portland publisher Oni Press; I was brought onto several of their series such as Zander Cannon's Kaijumax as a color flatter/color assistant.


Around this time, Bryan Lee O'Malley reached out to me to work alongside him as a drawing assistant on his graphic novel Seconds. I was to draw and ink the majority of the background art, props, and effects, besides helping to design several spaces, buildings, and environments. It was my first experience drawing comic art on a professional level, besides also at such a volume and rapid pace, no less! Thanks to this opportunity I really cut my teeth for cartooning.

After Seconds, and after publishing my "behind-the-scenes/making-of" comic Seconds Helping, I premiered my first character-driven series Terra Flats. This allowed me to continue learning the art of storytelling, which I hope to apply towards my future comic projects.

As of writing this near Halloween 2022, I'm awakening and emerging from a long sabbatical. I spent the last difficult couple of years sheltered and in quiet, reflective introspection. While I did not produce much new artwork, I read many books and reformatted my graphic novel-in-progress, Tabouli Bros.! My desire to bring this work to life is rekindled, and I hope dearly for you to read it someday soon!



Power Button Vol. 1 - Drawing Assistant


Space Trash - Color Assistant

Kaijumax Season 6 - Color Assistant


My Own World - Color Assistant

Gudetama: Mindfulness For The Lazy - Color Flatter

Kaijumax Season 5 - Color Assistant


Gudetama: Adulting For The Lazy - Color Flatter

Gudetama: Surviving The Holidays - Color Flatter

Gudetama: Love For The Lazy - Color Flatter

Snotgirl Volume 3 - Color Flatter


The Secret Voice Vol. 1 - Color Assistant, Comic Illustrator of "Dr. Xilm And The Wrongness"

The Willows - Letterer

Long Road to Liquor City - Color Flatter

Kaijumax Season 4 - Color Assistant


Kaijumax Season 3 - Color Assistant

Snotgirl Volume 2 - Color Flatter


Kaijumax Season 2 - Color Assistant


Lake Of Fire #5 - Cover Variant Artist

Snotgirl #5 - Cover Variant Artist

Snotgirl #4 - Cover Variant Artist

Snotgirl #3 - Cover Variant Artist

Snotgirl #2 - Cover Variant Artist

Jonesy #1 - Cover Variant Artist

Science Comics: Dinosaurs: Fossils and Feathers - Color Flatter

Kaijumax Season 1 - Color Assistant


The Bunker - Color Flatter

The Bunker #10 - Colorist

Kaijumax #1 ECCC - Cover Variant Artist


Seconds - Drawing Assistant

Down, Set, Fight! - Color Flatter



Terra Flats #3


Swimming With JFish


Terra Flats #2

Terra Flats #1


Seconds Helping



Monstroleum #2

Monstroleum #1


Junqueland #3


Junqueland #2

Burgermancer #1


Junqueland #1

Une Petite Romance


Fine Literature

Jaephisch & The Dark Rainbow #2


Jaephisch & The Dark Rainbow #1


Studio JFISH #2


Studio JFISH #1



Alternative Press Expo

Brave & Bold Tokyo

Cartoon Crossroads Columbus

Comic Art Brooklyn

Comic Art Tokyo

Emerald City Comic Con


Kaigai Manga Festa

Linework NW

Olympia Comics Fest

Rose City Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con

Short Run

Small Press Expo

Tokyo Comic Con

Toronto Comic Arts Fest


Absolute Vodka

Bent Image

Bento Box

Blood Is The New Black


Oni Press

Portland Mercury

Renegade Games



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